Contact Legislators

Our online petition is automatically sent to the party leaders of the House and Senate listed below. Sign it here, or email the General Assembly directly:

Party City/District Name Title Email
R Indy?-93 David Frizzell Whip
D Vincennes-64 Kreg Battles Whip
R Indy-88 Brian Bosma Speaker of the House
D South Bend-6 Pat Bauer Leader
R Macy-23 Bill Friend Floor Leader
D Hammond-1 Linda Lawson Floor Leader
D Covington-42 F. Dale Grubb Caucus Chair
R Noblesville-29 Kathy Kreag Richardson Caucus Chair
Party City/District Name Title Email
R 16 David Long President Pro Tempore
R 6 Sue Landske Asst Pres Pro Tempore
R 24 Connie Lawson Floor Leader
R 31 James Merritt, Jr. Caucus Chair
R 7 Brandt Hershman Whip
D Bloomington- 40 Vi Simpson Leader
D Anderson-5 Timothy Lanane Asst Leader
D LaPorte-8 Jim Arnold Caucus Chair
D Gary-3 Earline Rogers Whip
D Princeton-48 Lindel Hume Whip

















Looking for a member of the General Assembly not listed here? Try the contact page on the website here.


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